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We can arrange any number of holidays and our friendly travel team is incredibly well travelled and experienced. Whether you’re looking for any of the following trips, drop us a line and let us see what we can do:

Beach Holiday Agents

Beach Holidays

You’ve worked on the tan in the tanning salon and more or less kept to your strict January fitness regime – it’s holiday time so get ready for the beach. Our incredible world is home to amazing beaches in wonderful locations. Seclusion or sports, whatever your preference, our well-travelled team of experts can help you find the right sort of beach holiday for you.

City Break Travel Agents

City Breaks

Paris, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, New York, Miami, Dubai, Venice… Perfect for last minute getaways, celebrating anniversaries and birthdays, attending a local festival or sporting event, or simply exploring a new culture and way of life, the options are unlimited.

Adventure Holiday Operator

Adventure Holidays

Everyone loves travelling but we don’t all love travelling in the same way. One person’s adventure trip can be another’s usual holiday. Whatever you decide, most travelling involves a spirit of adventure but how that adventure is completed is defined by you. That bucket list adventure trip you’ve dreamed about for so long won’t stop playing on your mind and there’s no time like today to get it booked! Just be aware of the snake blood cocktails!

Family Holiday Agent

Family Holidays

You wanted to trek the Appalachian trail and stop off at Nashville, then on to Kentucky for some good ole Bourbon but WAIT, you have kids! There is so much more to family holidays these days than just theme parks and water rides. Adventure trips you thought out of reach are now being run with families in mind. Even certain touring companies run specific family friendly itineraries in destinations that historically have been too hard to travel to. Or perhaps you just want to relax by the coast, in a great hotel that offers something for all the family.

Ski Holiday Agent

Ski Holidays

Insurance – check. Brief 5 day warm up routine – check. Expensive sunglasses – check. Now you just have to decide where to express yourself and show off your moves – Italy, France, Austria, North America, Australia?

Honymoon Travel Agent


It’s finally time for that holiday you always wanted, but where to go? 5* Maldives island on super all-inclusive, day tripping, wine tasting and amazing views around Tuscany? Viewing the Big 5 on an African Safari? Orient Express? Hiking and beaches on a Hawaiian paradise? Dizzying Bangkok followed by spiritual Chiang Mai and white sand Thai beaches? European River Cruise? A long weekend in Paris? You decide!

Escorted Tour Holidays

Escorted Tours

There’s no doubt that some destinations just lend themselves better to escorted touring. Anyone who’s tried to buy train tickets in Cairo or organise an English speaking guide in the Amazon can attest to. But it’s not just about piece of mind, it’s about learning all you can about a destination from a professional guide who not only knows the history of the area and the sociology but someone who knows how to take that short-cut through the market, or can arrange early access to the sights, before the crowds arrive. We only use long-standing, reputable touring partners who cover the whole world for you.

Cruise Holidays


No other part of travel has seen such a surge in interest than cruise over the past decade. Whether you like the appeal of the all singing, all dancing hotel size cruise ships or are after a more tranquil setting, there is no doubt to the benefit of cruising – never having to re-pack/un-pack, seeing several different locations in one trip, the social aspect and of course, food and drink make cruising easy to get on with. European River Cruises offer a bit more of a different feel with considerably smaller boats and fewer people.

Wildlife and Safari Holidays

Wildlife and Safari Holidays

There’s no better experience than searching for the world’s most wondrous wildlife. Whether that’s the aquatic life found in British Columbia and Alaska, searching the African savannah for the Big Five, Tiger spotting in India, or experiencing the best scuba diving in the world from Scotland to the Maldives, we can help you with all of it. Don’t even get us started on Australian wildlife – but expect weird and wonderful as the norm! Even Husky sledding in Finland – it’s all out there waiting to be discovered.

Fly Drive Holiday

Fly Drive

The open road, a distant horizon, foreign climes, in control of your destiny. Be it South Africa, Australia, New Zealand or the home of the Fly-Drive – USA, we’re on hand to craft the perfect itinerary for you.

Singles Holidays

Singles Holidays

Travelling on your own can be exceptionally rewarding and often leads to incredibly profound travel experiences. Leave the cat, dog, husband, wife at home and set out on your own independent trip. Whether you want to travel within a group or on your own, we can help.