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We understand that there isn’t a ‘one-size fits all’ approach to Business Travel. At Brewood Travel, we use the latest technology combined with the best trading partners worldwide. We work with and access over 168 airlines, 17 major hotel chains and the top 10 car rental companies to bring you world beating rates and offers.

Our staff are incredibly well travelled and have covered every continent extensively so our first-hand knowledge is always available to you. With access to the best technology, we can quote, book and confirm a flight for you within minutes.

We assist with and offer a wide and inclusive service, whether this be fast turnaround visas, last minute hotel bookings or luxury transfers. We also take the time to get to know you and your business and your specific requirements. We understand that business travel sometimes necessitates last minute travel plans – we therefore tailor our approach and ensure you’re flying at the right time, to the right airport, at the right price and with the right airline.

With so many airlines operating today, it’s easy to end up with various travel accounts, loyalty points and frequent flyer miles spread over several operators. We aim to utilise these to the maximum, be that fast-track immigration, extra bags or complimentary lounge passes. ensuring that you never miss out on the points you accrue.

At Brewood Travel we understand that business travel is completely different to leisure travel and the demands and expectations differ wildly. It is always our goal to surpass and exceed those expectations.

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